Match Fees:
Members $10.00
Non-Members $15.00
Re-shoots $5.00

IPSC League is best 7 out of 12
Carry and Pocket Gun, Revolver and
Single Stack 1911.

League competitors must be club
members and shoot no less than 8 of
the 12 IPSC matches and 2 of the 3,
Carry and Pocket Gun, Revolver and
Shotgun matches to be eligible for
these leagues.
Jan 5th
Feb 2nd
Mar 2nd
Apr 6th
May 4th
Jun 1st
Jul 6th
Aug 3rd
Sep 7th
Oct 5th
Nov 2nd
Dec 7th
Best 8 out of 12
2014 Match Schedule
Mar 2nd
Apr 6th
May 4th
Wellston Gun Club goal is to have a safe place to shoot and compete in the shooting
sports. We mostly compete in the handgun sports and our matches are dominantly We also have four Assault Rifle matches each year and three Precision Rifle
matches per year.

Club Membership is $75.00 per year for a single person membership or $100.00 per
year for a same household family membership.

League Membership is $50.00 per year for a single person and $60.00 for a family.
League membership requires members to shoot in no less than 8 of our 12 matches per
year. Failure to comply with this type of membership may result in loosing your future
membership rights.

Membership runs from January 1st. to December 31st. of each year and must be paid no
later than January 31st. There are no discounts for parcel year memberships as our
insurance company charges us by the number of memberships we have each year.

Dues are payable to. The Wellston Gun Club and can be mailed to:

The Wellston Gun Club
38446 State Route 160
Hamden, Ohio 45634

The range is open to members anytime except match weekends (Saturday and
Sunday). We also host a paintball field on the same site so please only use the lower part
of the range for shooting when the paintball field is open.

Directions to Wellston Gun Club:
From Jackson
, take route 32 east to route 160.  Turn right on 160, go about 1/4 of a
mile, turn left onto Cottrill Drive.  Go down Cottrill Drive about 100 yards, and the range is
on the left. see  
Driving  Directions tab on the left
Master Class      85-100%
A-Class   75-84.99%
B-Class   60-74.99%
C-Class   40-59.99%
D-Class   00-39.99%
Assault Rifle
Mar 23rd
Jun 22nd
Aug 24th
Nov 23rd
Best 3 out of 4
Precision Rifle
Apr 20th
Jul 20th
Oct 19th
Best 2 out of 3
Jun 1st
Jul 6th
Aug 3rd
Sept 7th
Oct 5th
Nov 7th
Single Stack 1911
Jun 1st
Jul 6th
Aug 3rd